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Appease your Wanderlust with Art Wallpapers Speckled with Korean Folk Arts

As there can’t be any better means to immerse in various cultures in the wake of travel restrictions, designer duo Shivan & Narresh introduces a series of 10 art wallpaper prints inspired from their previous travels which are imbued with traditional folk arts of Japan and Korea. 

Because of its largest surface area, the very first thing that gets noticed by anyone while entering into a precinct is the wall. Known for the art of bringing an inordinate level of style to their designs, designer duo Shivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja come up with  the prints drawn from five of their collections, namely Seoul, Araki, Edomer, Patu and Wilding 20s

Featuring an assemblage of designs, from Renaissance art to a multi-coloured print inspired by Korean pop culture on the Mujigay wallpaper which came from their 2020 Seoul Series, inspired by a 2019 visit to South Korea.Another one has Seychellois elements in a distinct Edo Art aesthetic on the Praslin wallpaper. One can’t miss the imposing aesthetic of these art wallpapers.

According to the designers, the material used is non-woven, high-quality paper as when it comes to choosing prints for interior design, the right scale is necessary. Some of the energetic prints are relevant for a child’s bedroom, a gym, or a lounge where people mingle.

Other prints like the Hututi is inspired by the traditional folk arts of Korea. There are hand-painted birds and temple motifs in the backdrop. There is a sense of traditionality to the wallpaper hence they look more like vintage stamps in formal space.

It is a delight to look at your wall decorated in the motifs reminding the beauty of foreign culture right in front of your eyes especially when travel restrictions have rendered the physical spaces unavailable. 


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