Assam’s bamboo foot over bridge is a panorama of sustainable design

Recently inaugurated bamboo foot over bridge built at Khanapara in the city of Guwahati manifests the optimum utilisation of the rich natural resources of the region.

Apart from providing a means to conveniently traversing across the two sides of the bridge which is no less than a treat to the eyes of passerby, the trestle of bamboo may pave the way for architects to integrate sustainable designs which  reflect the importance of bamboo and its diversity prevalent in Assam. The concept of making a bridge in serenity with nature has been lauded by the environmentalists and locals. 

Constructed at Khanapara  it serves as an entry landmark to the city with the sign saying ‘Welcome to Guwahati’, the bridge glistens in the glory of the moon night reminding everyone the beauty of structures made in harmony with nature.

Assam is the largest producer of bamboo in India and the state boasts of nearly 50 kinds of the plant. In total, the Northeastern region of the country supplies more than 60 % of the total production value of the country.

Bamboo has a considerable importance in the socio-economic life of people in Assam for the variety of uses they cater to. Altogether 38 naturally growing species of bamboo are recorded in Assam of which Bamboosa  masrtersei is restricted in distribution to Dibrugarh district.
The Government of India has also launched the National Bamboo Mission with focus on North East India. Opportunities abound in the areas of re-inventing bamboo in plywood units and paper mills, micro-propagation & production, shoot processing, industrial products, machinery & equipment and skill up-gradation & training.
Cover image by Sentinel Assam

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