Bidri Handicrafts – Store puts a sheen on the past

Incorporating new designs and schemes of craftwork in Bidriware, like embossing work, jaded munawadkari at affordable pricing, has exposed the remarkable crafts predating the Bahmani Sultanate period in South India to a wide audience across the world.

Run by bidri handicraft artisans in the very region of its origin (ie. Bidar city of Bidar District in Karnataka State of country India), the establishment boasts the largest manufacturing and supply of silver inlay work in the world with its clientele base in each and every country.

Manufacturing both modern and royal articles, which can be presented as gifts on memorable occasions to near and dears of craft lovers,  their products range varies from the unique antique designs of Mogul art, Persian Design, Arabic Design, ancient Hindu scripts, and god & goddesses to bespoke objects they create for several high-profile clients.

Bidri art of Karnataka has a history linked with Persian rulers who established Bahmani Sultanate in the Deccan region of South India and brought the art of silver inlay on Zinc alloy. Persian rulers relished on their mastery of decorative metal crafts and exhibited it without restraint through the use of extraordinary gold drinking vessels decorated with ferocious winged lions and bulls.

During the colonial era the Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce organized the exhibition, which also featured images of the Bidri artisan hewing silver onto black metal surfaces.

The artifacts caught the fancy of design theorist Owen John, who gave significant space to Bidri art in his book ‘Grammar of Ornament’. He described it as an art, remarkable for its ‘elegance and outline’.

The organization, therefore, has been striving to make this craft the globally renowned handicraft, as this craft has the potential to overtake all the handicrafts present in the world. It has successfully managed to bring all the artisans of this craft under one shelter to work united and together.  


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