CoolAnt Zero-energy Air Conditioner – A ‘Terracotta’ air conditioner designed by Ant Studio

A beehive shaped zero-energy air conditioner comprises terracotta cylinders that are stacked on top of one another, clad in a circular stainless steel structure.This Revolutionary integration of technology with traditional methods by Delhi-based Startup takes no Electricity and emits no pollution.

The zero-energy air conditioner is a natural, low-tech, zero-electricity air conditioner that was innovated at a Delhi-based Ant studio. Bearing with the summer heat is almost impossible. Living in a developing country like India, it is important to develop and have access to energy-efficient, eco-friendly alternatives for sustainable living.

The Delhi based Monish Kumar Siripurapu, founder of Ant Studio completed his graduation from the School of Planning and Architecture [SPA] in Delhi in 2009. Skilled in various other domains such as AutoCAD, Python, Rhinoceros, installation design, and architectural design, he always wanted to find ecological, artistic, pocket-friendly solutions which also involve traditional craft methods.

To provide people with a cheaper alternative to electrical air conditioners, he designed this low-cost, low-tech terracotta air conditioner.

This helped in reducing the heat emitted by diesel generators in a factory in New Delhi. This terracotta air conditioner works on the principle of evaporative cooling, an ancient technique. This technique relies on water and porous materials like terracotta to lower the surrounding temperatures.

When the water seeps through the porous layers of terracotta, it evaporates at the outer surface and cools the inner surface following the principle of evaporative cooling.It just needs to be filled with water once or twice a day and can work with recycled water.

According to Siripurapu, “This innovation had worked pretty well functionally and findings from this experiment also helped in opening up many possibilities where this technique can be integrated with forms that could redefine the way we look at air conditioners. CoolAnt also acts as a natural purifier as there is a certain moss that grows on the pipes that can capture the carbon particles present in the air.”

Deki electronics lent support to this CoolAnt project of Ant Studio which installed the first CoolAnt in its plant in Uttar Pradesh. The circulatory system can also be changed into an artistic interpretation while the falling waters give a comforting ambiance. Monish Siripurapu’s CoolAnt.

A natural terracotta air conditioner won an award at the Asia Pacific Low-Carbon Lifestyles Challenge. Not only that, but he was also awarded a $10,000 grant at the UN environment Program as they appreciated his innovation for its ingenuity and zero usage of refrigerants.


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