Dressing like an Architecture – Designer Kshitij Jalori’s spring collection is inspired by Rajasthani heritage sites

Some designers don’t seem to draw much distinction between fashion, architecture and nature, Ajmer-born Delhi-based designer has recently launched a Spring Summer collection which is infused with scenes from Sariska Tiger Reserve, Jawai Bandh Dam and local birds.  

With his new range of clothing line, Kshitij Jalori evokes a sense of wanderlust through distinctive garbs with detailed nomadic lifestyle and iconic architecture of Rajasthan. For instance a trench coat adorned with the images of Sariska Tiger Reserve and visuals he observed there during his trip is a part of his intriguing collection titled Jawai.

Jawai Bandh, being his hometown, the collection is an ode to Rajasthan.The famous dam is known for giving habitat to many birds, leopards, crocodiles and what not. No wonder, the collection offers a generous feast of Nature and wildlife in motley hues of yellow, white, red, and blue tiger’s leap out97; of the green.

The garments are decorated with  touches that draw from architecture in the region — for example, the three-inch wall skirting inspired finish at the bottom of a few outfits, prints as diverse as poppies (a recurring element in wall paintings) and palm leaves, and embroidery that showcases prowling tigers.

Elaborate fringes, detailed embroidered scallops, and trims make the appearance on clothes essentially appealing and aesthetically charming as they are named after national parks, gemstones and architecture. There is the Umed teal sapphire kurta pant set, Aamod and Jaisal saris, Naren peridot trench jacket, Ranthambore tanzanite pant suit, and Amer dupatta stripe, all in cotton silk, silk satin, crepes, and Italian jersey.

According to him, with this line, he aspires to create a sense of wanderlust, infusing the nomadic experiences that Rajasthan has to offer. This collection depicts Rajasthan through the lens of a western traveler.


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