Emphasis on store design : Onaya in Kolkata’s Wood Street is ode to Bengal’s craftsmanship

The newly designed boutique store of 24-year-old Kolkata-based fashion and apparel brand Onaya warped in soothing shades of white, grey and beige. Floral decor, large mirrors and chandeliers add to the woodwork detailing, depicting the deft craftsmanship of Bengal’s craftspeople.

With an idea to offer its clients a holistic experience of Bengal on account of its skill and diversity in food, art, culture and craftsmanship, the redesigned Onaya boutique store has new address now on Kolkata’s Wood Street.Three-storied building with various apparel sections has been built with an intention of making it an experience centre.

According to owners, Sandeep and Gautam Jain,the reason to relocate from Loudon Street is to showcase Bengal’s karigari through clothes, the experience to our clients that we wanted to the owners. They work over 3,000 people and the place is thoroughly designed with art and craft produced by Bengal’s Karigars.Apart from this they have a cafeteria space here and wish to host art and food workshops to show the skill that goes into making the Bengal specialities.

The facade made of terracotta welcomes clients to step inside its sprawling three floors dedicated to apparel, divided into various sections displaying occasion wear outfits. “We want people to choose us for dressing them in every celebration in their life, no matter how small or big it is,” mentioned Sandeep and Gautam.

The place is designed on the core characteristic of luxury style that is the use of furniture which has clean, straight lines having unfussy cabinetry & angular furniture and it is illuminated in a way to disperse the powerful colours such as grey, white and black.

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