‘Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace’ designed by Earthitects puts you up in the golden era of Vijayanagar Empire

The impression of living in the hey days of Vijayanagara empire is reinforced by Bengaluru based firm while designing the luxury hotel at UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hampi with distinctive architectural style and charming interiors. 

Though it’s not build on heritage property but as the stunning architecture, pleasing interiors and craftsmanship of Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace mimics Indo-Islamic style of architecture of the 14th-century and one is sure to be smitten, staying in these palatial suites. 

The art deco architecture of hotel draws inspiration from buildings of 14th century Vijayanagara empire with arches ending in pinnacles, teardrop-shaped balustrades and bay windows have been matched with rough granite flooring and polished dark wood furniture. The lotus motif that features prominently in the ruins of Hampi crowing  the interiors of the suites while the arches are inspired by the Chitrangini Mahal or Kamal (lotus) Mahal.

The entrance design is inspired by the archaeological site of Anegundi—the first capital of the Vijayanagara Empire—situated on the northern bank of the Tungabhadra river. A long stone driveway with water pavilions on both sides leads to an arched gate built using stone, recycled wood and iron.

The place dazzles with bespoke urns and ornate pendant lights in the arched hallways connecting the suites. Illuminated by the soft light of diyas, Deep Mahal is the perfect place to relax with a steaming cup of Sidapur coffee, a signature house blend at Kamalapura. 

On entering this suite, the verdant courtyard creates a visual barrier before leading one into the dining and living areas.

Apart from this other suites named as Nilaya, Nivasa and Zenana—are designed with balconies and private jacuzzis. The courtly design is complemented by vintage furniture inset with brass ,curvaceous wooden bed,  raw silk bedside lamps, and rough granite flooring and large bay windows with cushioned seating that receives a gleam of refreshing light.

The splashingly beautiful design elements at infinity pool  resonates with pushkarni or ancient temple tanks, made entirely of kadappa stone, it overlooks a boulder-strewn landscape typical of Hampi. 

One of the endearing parts of palace is the vintage reading lounge is framed by arched windows overlooking Hampi. It has various cosy corners where guests can drown all their worldly apprehension over a cup of coffee. 


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