Fuzzy yet Classy: Rugs Maker are Roughing It

As industrial arts are causing a ripple in the Art decor market many architects deviate from the formal Beaux-Arts to indigenous craftsmanship, Cocoon Fine Rugs blends art, culture and architecture into its collaboration with Studio PKA for the Elemental Collection.

With the interplay of various elements, materials, colour and texture, the new range of Cocoon Fine Rugs developed in collaboration with Studio PKA dissolves the notion of the studio with the expertise of the legacy retail brand.

Having two distinct styles namely, Terra Firma and The Bombay Deco; each product has been designed and woven in-house using the finest raw materials reflecting a strong sense of distinct accents, compositions and motifs. All the designs can be made to order in any size and will be available at all the Cocoon Fine Rugs retail galleries across  Mumbai, Jaipur, Bangalore and Kolkata.

Noted for its hand-knotted and sustainable rugs, the organisation founded by Ayush Choudhary exhibits a fresh perspective to carpet design and textures as it manifests the story of Indian art, culture and traditions. The unmistakable appeal of bespoke products begets from the meticulous and skilled craftsmanship of artisans and inspiration of curious designers.

The Bombay Deco line draws inspiration from the immense history and architecture of the art districts of South Bombay. An exciting play of forms and dramatic splashes of colours, craft and expression that highlights the many aspects of the architectural style and pays tribute to the cinema houses of the era.

Terra Firma is an amalgamation of the brands’ ideologies, firmly rooted in both thought and expression. It explores the 4 major landforms—Mountains, Hills, Plateaus and Plains through a contrasting muted palette.

It is quite evident that the market for designer rugs – now all the rage – is becoming more sophisticatedly rustic. Hip loft dwellers are also keen to cover their polished floorboards with rugs by young contemporary designers.

Images from Cocoon Fine Rugs


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