Going steady on COCCCON

As European market is in the thick of demanding sustainability in fashion, COCCCON, a brand working with silk producers ensure their products make use of peace silk in the production.

Silk has been esteemed as the finest material for clothing for over thousands years and customers are acquainted with the fact that silk comes from the silkworm or silk moth. It takes a huge number of caterpillars spinning their cocoons to produce one meter of silk yarn for silk is the material of the threads that the silkworm produces in order to pupate in them and transform itself into a butterfly.

As consumers have become conscious about the implications of their purchase on nature, Fashion designers and luxury labels tend to develop the products to cut the adverse effect of their produce on the environment.

COCCCON is one such sustainable fashion label, founded by Chandra Prakash Jha and George Andreas Suhr which focuses on the fair, non-violent and sustainable production of silk. Their “creativity can care” project won the Textile Innovation Award in 2018 for developing sustainable silk and innovative new fabrics.

Recently they launched a whole new range of printed saris, summer dresses with ruffled necklines, pleated yoke blouses, and balloon or rectangular sleeves, draped lungis and pleated skirts under Purn Vritt collection, which has colourful, vibrant and futuristic outfits, is made from peace silk and eco-friendly products.

Peace silk or Ahimsa Silk is produced without killing the silkworm in scalding hot water like in conventional silk production. Cocccon waits until the caterpillar is com­pletely transformed and hatched as a butterfly which allows the completion of the metamorphosis of the silkworm to butterfly. For this they recultivated an entire village in Jharkhand and run our silkworm farm there. Together they took up the challenge to produce sustainable ecologi­cal silk at fair conditions, with respect for nature and people. 


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