Gucci stirred up the hornet’s nest: Selling Indian Kurta for 2.5 lakh

Gucci Kurta

Cashing in the brand value is a commonplace practice among high end fashion labels but Gucci seems to have breached the limit this time by showcasing a long kurta resembling the Persian kaftan for sale at exorbitant price.

The description of the product read thus on the luxury brand’s website, “Crafted from organic linen, this kaftan is enriched with a floral embroidery and self-tile tassels.”

It is worth mentioning that apart from this the website lists many kaftans of various lengths and patterns, some even made of silk, with prices starting off at $1300 going up to $4200!

Dazed by the exorbitant price, people on social media mocked the attempt of high end fashion labels to fleece the customers with a flurry of hilarious comments. Some couldn’t believe calculating how many dozens of outfits they can get for the same amount. Many argued about the inanity of  shelling out so much money to buy the product. Some also pointed out that the product isn’t a kaftan and should be best described as a kurta or a Kurti.

The action has triggered a debate if the expensive clothing comes with a guarantee of ethics? If you pay more for clothing, does the share reach to the workers’ assembly lines and artisans in ateliers? 

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