Indian Art & Handicrafts Trend in Modern Interior Design

When it comes to Indian Handicrafts, you cannot complete with the talent that the artists here have! They are immensely talented in art and crafts and hence, the products they make are always considered amongst the best around the world. People from various places who take an interest in handicrafts buy these products from India because of the diverse range of products available here.

Though, Indian Artists have showcased their talent in various kinds of handicrafts products which include Jewelry, Showpieces, Paintings, Servewares, etc., the talent that they have shown in making Home Decoration items is something else.

Some of the trending ideas for Home Decor available in the Indian art and crafts culture.

Wood showpiece and handmade flowers for table centerpiece– a kind of hardwood, birch is used for making decorative table centerpieces. It is one of the best forms of Handmade Home Decoration that you may have for your dining table or center table. And to add to the value you can put flowers in the table showpiece made of birch wood so that it increases the beauty of the home decor items.

River pebbles for making hot pads– we have only seen river pebbles being used in making driveways, but the Indian artists use it to make hot pads to be kept on the dining table as part of the home decor items. The pebbles come in various colours and sizes which are handcrafted in a way that they are converted into cooling pads. These Items are not too pricey and make for good home decor pieces to  increase the beauty of your house.

Knitting decorative items– knitting has always prevailed in india in many forms but when it comes to handicrafts items, it has found a new place in terms of home decor products. Not only that the artists can only make the knitting items but you can also go for home decor DIY methods to make yourself a beautiful piece of home decor items. It can range from doormats to table clothes, knitting know no bounds when it comes to adding beauty to your home. Apart from this you can also get floor rugs, lamps, wall decorations and other such items in the category of knitting decorative items.

Crochet patterns- crochet craft has long prevailed in our country. It has been here from the ancient times and thus it has got immense value in the arts and crafts market. You can get various crochet items in the market which include colorful and decorative pillows, god statues, sofa sets, etc. These not only look good but are also affordable and hence, it becomes easier for almost all of us to buy such handicrafts items for decorating our houses.

Marble handicrafts– marbles are not only meant for flooring purposes but they can also be used for making extraordinary home decor items. This is the uniqueness of Indian Art for Decoration; you can use things for multipurpose. Marble can be used for making various things like teapots, plates and cups, statues, etc. These are somewhat expensive but surely adds value to the home.

With passing time we are stepping into a modernized era where everything is digitized and the value of traditions and culture is being lost in the midst of the advancement. But no matter how advanced we become, there is some connection with our tradition that always remain in trend and that’s Indian Art and Craft

The artists that our country has been amazing in their talents and for that, art lovers from around the world shop for handicraft items from them. You get everything on the online platforms today, right from handmade home decoration to jewelry crafts, everything is available with just one click on the authorized websites. 

Thus, you don’t need to wait for weekly markets or go to the regional markets to buy handicraft items, now you can get them online easily. The given few trendy home decor item counts for the best you can get for decorating your home. So, what are you waiting for? Order your choice of the trendy home decor item now! Check out the collection today!!


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