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Is Art really a waste of Time & Money?

Every child is an Artist, the problem is how to remain an artist as we grow up

-Pablo Picasso

Have you ever considered what makes a piece of art, be it a painting, sketch or a sculpture so adorable to people, why people wish to buy it even when it is thoroughly an inanimate article and there will be no hearsay in proclaiming it as a vain & lifeless thing unable to offer any entertainment or tangible pleasures one seeks from the assortments he or she buys yet why does an artifact entice the folks a longing to possess it.

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Different individuals have different views as regards to the possession of art. Some buy them for the aesthetic pomposity they compel in the eyes of beholder, some for their captivating beauty which never fails to strike the conversations. But the real fact remains hidden to many spare the eyes of connoisseur that though art seems like article of profligate lifestyle but the its priced value lies in the amount of life it can inspire into the hearts of human beings, people wish to buy it to bridge the gap they have between their dreary & drab surrounding and sheer vividness of nature. They wish to buy a thing of beauty to recompense for the life they otherwise would wish to live but their aspirations and obligations forbid them.

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Striking cultural & socioeconomic distinctions can easily be drawn in the works of art inspired from village and urban habitats. Ongoing show in the capital reflects the conundrum of city and rustic life of Goa’s countryside. Artist Mohan Naik depicts through his 26 artworks depicts the earthy life of village under the Pearl of the Orient exhibition in Delhi.

South Goa based artist, living in a quaint village has seen the transition of countryside through rapid urbanization and invasion of trade. The colorful memories of his past inspire him more and more to immortalize those landscape, surroundings and the way of life in his paintings because only God knows what will become of all this a decade or two from now.

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After the upheaval of times when posterity will seek the proof of the simple life that their forefathers once lived which used to mimic nothing but paradise, their apprehensions & doubt will then only be answered by the artworks of present times.


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