Macha House- An elevated Bamboo weekend retreat designed by Abin Design Studio captures verdant beauty of Rural Farmland

Set within a guava orchard farm, the elevated bamboo weekend retreat designed by Indian architecture practice Abin Design Studio captures the essence of Indian rural farmlands.

Called Macha House, the 171-square-metre house is raised on steel columns and provides an oval floor plate to place all living functions, grasping uninterrupted views towards rural farmlands in Langalberia, Baruipur, West Bengal, India.

According to the principal architect, “The idea was to build a ‘Macha’, or an elevated observation platform, that becomes a place of reprieve from the rigours of urban life.”

“This simplicity of the structure is accentuated by the boldness of the form and contemporary implementation of traditional materials,” said the office.

This architectural expression of form carries through to the interior detailing as well. A combination of traditional wooden furniture and modern glazed elements brings this holiday home together. Soft furnishing and artwork weave colour into the spaces.”


The studio has kept metal elements to a minimum so that the design language is dominated by the delicate weave of bamboo – since the material is locally available. However, as stated by the team, the bamboo material is also familiar to the inhabitants of the land.

The studio places service cores in the middle of the retreat, while habitable rooms and terraces run around the periphery of the floor plate.The cover is made of a traditional thatch roof above that complements the overall language of the retreat.

Images by: Suryan Dang

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