Narendra Bhawan in Bikaner is festooned with Objets d’arts

Giving patrons a chance to cherish the unmistakable crafts of Rajasthan and the lavish hospitality of the Raj, The Marwari palace, Narendra Bhavan in Bikaner dextrously melds native arts with colonial gastronomy.

Out of many boutique hotels in various cities of Rajasthan, Narendra Bhavan in Bikaner stands out among the rows of dilapidated buildings in the Gandhi Colony bylane due to its inviting facade, contrasting interiors—and art deco verandah that astutely melds colonial and native themes.

With the enchanting vibe of a royal nursery where a young prince surfeits his curiosity under the watchful glance of the queen, ‘Resident’ rooms are adorned with Traditional crafts and Bikaner terrazzo floors which sit in perfect harmony with Portuguese tiles and English hues.

The splendid chiffon wallpapering and pearl string curtains exude the aesthetic sensibilities and refined fashion choices of Rani Gayatri Devi. The botanical illustrations are a testament to the antiquated European sanitarium and the terrace infinity pool has all the elements to transport one into a heavenly abode.

The ‘Regimental’ rooms reflect the transition of a young prince from boyhood to the responsibilities that come with adulthood; the first being honing his military acumen which is a mandate to be king.

Inspired by the austerity of Mahatama Gandhi, the ‘India’ rooms exhibit the sense of frugalism yet the strokes from pastoral India such as a charkha (Gandhi’s spinning wheel) with walls accessorized with firkins or reams of undyed sheep’s wool curated in Indigo preserve the symbolic color of India.

Besides this, there are artifacts of strategic value such as army regalia such as royal monograms, weaponry, gold medallions, and trophies that add uniformity and symmetry, making the suite masculine and solid.

Once Constructed in the classical style, with hints of art nouveau and then turned into a boutique hotel and a palatial royal wedding destination, no expense was spared to revamp it into a masterpiece on the land of Jharokhas.


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