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Dec 16
Indian Handicrafts

A crisis scenario is being faced by the handcrafting business due to neglect by people…

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Handmade by skilled Indian Artisans using traditional techniques.

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Yes, every product is Handmade with Love by the Artist.

It is evident that Indian Artwork is famous all over the world. The talent and widespread creativity that our artists have, depicts the culture and taste of our country. There are various types of art and crafts items that are found in our country. Earlier the sale of such items was only limited to weekly haat or mela in the native regions of the production of the item but these days, due to the massive use of internet across the nation, the sales of these handicrafts have increased three folds since when they have seen exposure in the online stores. If you are searching for some trendy and authentic Indian Handicrafts item then you are on the right page! Here at Authindia, we do not only help you buy handicrafts that are worth your taste but also encourage several artists from across the country to market their products and creativity to the world. Explore the website for the complete range.

What do you get at Authindia?

You get all types of handicraft items at Authindia. Right from handmade Traditional Paintings to Silk Thread Jewellery, there is nothing that is not listed on this site. When you click on our website homepage you get all the details of the items available on our site. You can choose from various products available on our site which ranges from Home Decor Handicrafts to Hand Painted Crafts, Handmade Jewellery to traditional artwork from different part of India.

How are customers and artists get benefit through Authindia?

We publicize different art and crafts by allowing artists to promote their products through our website and get exclusive buyers for the same. And similarly, our customers get what they want when they visit our website. For example, we have Bastar Dhokra Art and other traditional craft items listed on our site which you cannot get very frequently elsewhere. This form of art was limited to only the Bastar region but due to our website, people can easily connect with bastar dhokra art manufacturers.

Thus, both customers and artists get benefited from our website. You must buy from the artists listed on our website because they are extremely talented people with less exposure and even lesser market share as compared to branded products. If you love art and craft, show the artists some love too!

Today, many artists are Selling Handmade Products Online which has made their craft gain popularity among the common people of our country and abroad. Earlier, the exposure of these products was not so much and due to which the artists suffered a lot. But as today the digital medium of selling and buying is huge, it is evident that people will get to know more about these items in the years to come. 

If you are among those who take keen interest in authentic art and crafts and would like to have such Handmade Products at home then you are on the right place. Explore our range of items and buy your choice of products without much hindrance. Also, if you are the artist and make great handicrafts then our seller’s door is also open for you. Register Yourself and get exclusive buyers for your Indian art and craft.