Paper Artist creates the pattern of endangered species in pop-up book

Titled ‘My Friends Are Missing’, Chennai based design researcher and Paper Artist Keerthana Ramesh has scissored the patterns of 30 endangered species in her pop up book to raise awareness.

Given the fact that there are merely about three dozen practitioners in the whole world: the paper engineers who craft pop-up books, this section of the kids’ library that becomes so specialised. Pop up books contain an  element of surprise and sense of wonder which appeal to the kids.

Keerthana recently posted a video on Instagram of her book of 30 endangered species like a Seychelles sheath-tailed bat unfurls its gossamer wings; a sunflower sea star rolls to the centrefold; and a Kemp’s Ridley sea turtle paddles about in an invisible pool.

She accomplished the project in response to a month-long social media challenge derived from a United Nations report from 2019 that warns of how one million species are at risk of extinction due to human activity. It was hosted by One Million One Month, a non-profit project which aims to raise awareness about endangered species through art.

Though the book doesn’t feature any  species native to India, it commands the attention of a global audience in pursuit of  protecting endangered flora and fauna, many of which are facing habitat loss due to the climate emergency.

With many awe inspiring designs such as a golden viscacha rat disappears into a burrow, its home lost to olive plantations, and a magnolia species blooms, though there are only eleven of its trees left in the whole world, the book is unmistakably a compendium of wonderment.


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