Roastery Coffee House – The Cafe with Stepwells in Jaipur serves it hot amidst crafty environs

Built as a living testament to Rajasthan’s signature architectural style- the Baoris (stepwells) and ornate the space with traditional; elements like blue pottery, Shekhawati style furniture and jail work on the walls, Roastery Coffee House lets you dabble your toes in cold water while sipping a cup of coffee.

Built using sandstone with help of local artisans, the rectangular stepwells are  designed in beautiful diamond shapes at the corners. As per Nishant Sinha, founder and owner of Roastery Coffee House, “The diamonds help to add more steps in a smaller area. We were able to create a 30 feet by 30 feet pond with three diamonds and 76 steps leading to the water.”

The owner wanted to create a space that adds up an amazing experience of drinking modern coffee at the heritage sites of Rajasthan. So  they chose the stepwell architecture, a thousand years old and put it right in the centre of the coffee house. “The stepwell instills a sense of pride and gives patrons a way to relish their coffee by a water body,” says  Sinha.

Housed inside a bungalow with monochromatic interiors that are both easy on the eyes and attention-grabbing. The main seating area is clad in white and embellished with rattan chairs and lots of potted plants.

Ornamental wrought iron chairs and tables set at the garden space, checkered floors, silk lampshades and minimal furniture keep the indoors warm and inviting.

It is ensured that stored water is clean as rainwater from the rooftop is channeled into the well. The water is monitored and cleaned of leaves and other debris that flows in from the terrace. This ensures that the well is spotless and the water clean at all times. The harvested rainwater is also used to water the plants in the cafe’s garden.

This is the brand’s fifth outlet after Kolkata, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, and Lucknow. While each Roastery Coffee House is designed differently with local elements, a uniform warm tone and lots of sunshine runs across all cafes.


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