Tarun Tahiliani's Tasava emanates a charming sartorial savoir-faire in Benaras - Authindia

Tarun Tahiliani’s Tasava emanates a charming sartorial savoir-faire in Benaras

The famous heritage hotel Brijrama Palace in Benaras was bathed in the tawny glow of the latest couture by Tasava, a new ethnic label launched by Tarun Tahiliani and Aditya Birla Style Retail Ltd (ABFRL) which embraces both the timeless Benarasi brocade and power loom.

Tasva is the first venture of Tahiliani with Aditya Birla Style Retail Ltd (ABFRL) after ABFRL acquired a stake in Tahiliani’s enterprise in February this month.

There could not have been an apt location to launch the ethnic label claiming a timeless legacy of textiles than the fabled Brijrama Palace which was initially constructed for the Maharaja of Darbhanga in the early 19th century, the place once bustled with nobilities clad in silk livery was again animated with models wearing the new range, company members and press the early afternoon glow.

Benaras has always been a cradle of artisans and weavers who sit on handlooms producing fantastic Benarasi brocade taking days, and one other, besides the need of a mechanized affair- power looms churning out textiles on the charge of tens of meters every few hours can not be written off in the contemporary fashion.

Tahiliani has espoused both hand and power loom, and labored with the weavers to make sure the form of providers, and worth factors, that wouldn’t be potential had every part been handwoven or hand-embroidered. If not all but many Tasva designs use hand-made materials, this direct type of collaboration and design intervention lends Tasva an edge over the closest rivals — Fabindia and Manyavar, two labels that cuts a lion’s share of the men’s ethnic put on market in India.

Working with craftspeople in textile centers like Benara utilizing low-cost supplies to supply low costs. Tahiliani’s method managed to strike a perfect balance between hand-crafted and contemporary fashion in Ethnic line which maybe the finest placed entry in the segment by way of trend and design.


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