The bright Stuff: Shine a light on overlooked corners

With advancements in materials and technology, designers are keen to explore more possibilities in lighting as art, here are some views from architects and designers which might help set the tone by adding a playful decorative flourish to your dwellings.

Lighting and crafts have the way to transform and illuminate any space be it an office or home. It’s jazzy and life-enhancing, and whether one is looking to cast a cosy glow or light up the living space, it’s often the quickest way to refresh a room without lifting a paintbrush. For instance, a stand-alone well-crafted floor or table lamp can be a source of welcome glow where it’s needed.

According to many designers, Indian provinces afford a variety of crafts to play with such as beaten brass, stone carving, or mirror work and whatnot. No wonder all their products reflect a detailed understanding of processes and materials, simultaneously paying homage to the tradition of crafts.

Ashiesh Shah Art Curation

Architects and interior designer, Ashiesh Shah lays emphasis on using the traditional techniques in creating the decor products, he seems to like the manufacturers that offer you a peak into a particular world. Equipment is extraordinarily fascinating due to what they do and the way they interpret the tradition. They interpret the 20s period, with the swing and the shimmy, and create modernist, luxurious lights that nearly appear jewel-like.

Pic by Wallmakers

Architect Vinu Daniel dwells on the sublimity of something pure mild. So, the sunshine fixtures that he takes advantage of are often fairly easy. For instance, in a latest undertaking, constructed on a hill in Peerumedu, he used the ever-present tube mild in fascinating methods. He strung it with casuarina scaffolding to present the facade an evening mild impact. It’s easy however dramatic. Amongst designer who make lights in Kerala, he just like the works by Jayadev Kesavankutty from Kochi. It’s a really clear, minimalist look, utilizing supplies like wooden and metal.

“The hand-dressed slabs of sandstone form a partition that sits as an object of interest at the entrance while being an appropriate backdrop for the dining setting, and at the House with a Brick Veil in New Delhi, an intricate configuration of stained glass windows in the stairwell brings in flickering hues of coloured light throughout the day,” elaborates Ankur Choksi, principal at Studio Lotus.

Following the trends of the contemporary market, Manufacturers are also making decorative and coloured lamps to help create that soft glow by tapping the artisanal skills that have been nurtured from generation to generation over and incorporated within architecture and interior design create an important link to the past and a strong sense of identity.


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