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Indian Pottery Craft

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AuthIndia is one of the leading Marketplace for Listing and Showcasing art & craft products online in India. Our Marketplace is a unique opportunity to list your own creations you want to sell with the masses. If you’re a small business or an individual looking for the right platform to take off the handicraft business, this can be your golden opportunity to break into the retail industry.


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  • Take your business online – 8 out of 10 consumers now purchase items over the internet.
  • Community engagement and marketing exposure.
  • Multiple options available to advertise your art & handicrafts.
  • You can even list the events you are organizing or the events you are showcasing your product.

Do you have a product that resonates with our vision? If so, we would love to hear from you.

Please get in touch with us at authindia@gmail.com or REGISTER HERE & start selling.

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