Anti-dumping duty on imports from China extended to safeguard the interests of domestic manufacturers

After reviewing the impact of imported goods from China on the domestic manufacturing industry for a considerably long time, centre has decided on the request of Directorate General of Trade Remedies (DGTR)  to further extend the anti dumping duty on selected  items originating and exported from China by one month till November 27.
The notification issued by the central board of indirect taxes and customs (CBIC) reads, “In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-sections (1) and (5) of section 9A of the Customs Tariff Act, read with rules 18 and 23 of the said rules, the Central Government hereby makes the following further amendment in the notification of No. 6/2019- Customs (ADD), dated the 28th January, 2019, in paragraph 3, for the figures and word “27th October, 2020”, the figures and word “27th November, 2020” shall be substituted,”
The duty was first imposed in January 2019 and extended subsequently in July till October 27,  The government has found sufficient evidence that China is dumping an array of products in India, this unscrupulous practice had long been hurting the profits of domestic manufactures. World Trade Organization (WTO) regime permits anti dumping duty aimed at ensuring  a level-playing field and fair play for domestic producers vis-a-vis foreign producers and exporters.

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