Bone carving exhibition in Srinagar exhibits stunning craftsmanship of J&K artisans

Two-day bone carving exhibition held at Kashmir Art Emporium in Srinagar under ‘Know Your Artisan’ initiative by the Department of Handicrafts & Handloom fetched a decent crowd of enthusiasts, keen to witness the exquisite artistic talent.

A bone carving exhibition in Srinagar showcased the exceptional artwork of Aziz-ul-Rehman, who carves jewellery and decorative pieces out of animal bones took center stage.

Rehman’s bone crafting talent steals the show with his fine designs inspired from Kashmir’s traditional arts like embroidery, Kani weaving, and carpet weaving.

Aziz-ur-Rehman, Artist from Kashmir

Aziz, a resident of Srinagar has earned a reputation in the world of crafting jewellery items from animal bones. His relentless passion for “working with scrap bones and wood to create unique items” has turned the bony carcass of animals into an intriguing collection of jewellery, keychains, knives, and decorative pieces.

The inspiration for his bone carving artistry originated from a childhood incident involving his mother’s preparation of Harissa, a popular meat delicacy consumed during winters in Kashmir. Seeing his mother discard the bones after boiling the meat, Aziz carved a knife from a large bone and proudly showcased it to his family.

The Director of Handicrafts and Handloom, Mehmood Ahmad Shah emphasised the need to recognize and provide platforms for unique art forms such as bone carving, aiming to inspire visitors to appreciate and purchase these remarkable creations, ultimately empowering young artisans both creatively and financially.

The exhibition compels the admiration of eager visitors  who were left stunned by Aziz-ul-Rehman’s skill and expressed their support for such initiatives. As per a visitor, “The artistry and creativity displayed here are truly exceptional. Aziz-ul-Rehman’s bone carvings offer a fresh and unique perspective on Kashmir’s artistic landscape.” Another visitor admired the efforts of the Department of Handicrafts and Handloom to organise such events.

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