British era barracks of Red Fort to host maiden India Art, Architecture & Design Biennale (IAADB)

The inaugural India Art, Architecture & Design Biennale (IAADB), to be held from December 9-15, will feature seven “especially-curated” thematic displays located in three British-era barracks on the grounds of the Mughal-era monument.

According to the sources, the day-wise seven themes are listed in this sequence: ‘Doors of India’, ‘Gardens of India’, ‘Baolis of India’, ‘Temples of India’, ‘Architectural Wonders of Independent India’, ‘Indigenous Design’ and ‘Women in Architecture and Design‘.

All seven days’ programming will begin with a keynote presentation by “an artist, architect, or designer of international renown,” and a “graphic novel on architecture” will be released.

From ornate doors to ancient magnificent temples and heritage stepwells to rich textile designs, the art and architectural legacy of India will come together at a biennale showpiece to be hosted in December at the Red Fort in Delhi.

The ‘Temples of India’ theme-based events will highlight the architectural grandeur and engineering accomplishments of the ancient past, followed by the topic of constructed heritage from the period after Independence until the present.

India’s artistic and architectural past will be showcased in December at the Red Fort in Delhi. Everything from its intricate doors to historic beautiful temples and antique step wells or baoli to extravagant textile designs, will be presented.

“This event will be institutionalised and we would like to take this to different cities like Kolkata or Bengaluru next year. And this also emphasises the ‘cultural space’ envisioned for the five cities,” a senior official in the ministry told PTI.

Events at the conclusion will recognise the contribution of women in the field of architecture and design and “celebrating the brilliance and creativity of such women, as per officials.

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