Chennai-based venture Indowud NFC turns agricultural husk into zero wood, curbing stubble burning

Dealing with two potential environmental threats altogether – Declining forest cover and Stubble burning, the workshop, situated in Gummidipoondi, on the outskirts of Chennai uses agricultural husk to create an eco-friendly form of wood which has multiple uses in interiors, exteriors and Veneer decor.

The burning of agricultural waste is a major problem in North India and declining forest cover owing to indiscriminate felling of trees is conspicuous, hence by using agricultural husk, they are saving 20,000 trees from being cut, as per B L Bengani, MD, Indowud NFC.

INDOWUD NFC, better known as Natural Fibre Composite Board, is made from the composition of eco-friendly natural fibres (agricultural husks), natural minerals, polyvinyl chloride besides other fillers and additives.

It took almost eight months to perfect the product. They procure husk from farmers and rice mills. The factory is situated in Gummidipoondi, on the outskirts of Chennai. There are many rice mills and fields in a 10 km radius around the factory.

Unlike plywood, this NFC can be moulded and shaped into any form. It is also suitable for exterior applications, says Bengani.

The product, which was finally launched at the end of 2021, is doing well, says Bengani. “We have supplied to Australia and New Zealand, which are using a lot of sustainable products. We have also supplied to Oman, and are now working on exporting to the US

Bengani was the Vice-President Marketing with Greenply Industries Limited. He commissioned the most modern plywood industry – Uniply Industries Limited in the state of Tamil Nadu, with a workforce of over 800 at different segments of operations. During his twenty years tenure with Uniply, he travelled extensively throughout the world to understand innovative technology and futuristic products, and conceived an idea to start manufacturing of NFC Board.

With a wealth of robust features and an infinite scope of applications, Indowud NFC board is, without a doubt, the ultimate choice for all the architects, interior decorators and craftsmen looking to make their mark. It not only looks, feels and performs like precious wood but can be worked on, handled and maintained like wood too.

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