Corporate Art Workshops

Why Authindia

In our quest to celebrate Indian Heritage Art, we at AuthIndia are proposing traditional art workshops to corporates. The prime goal of the workshop program is to promote Indian traditional art forms beyond the confines of localised territorial parts they originate from. In doing so, we intend to carve an alternative recreation avenue among corporate houses operating in post pandemic “Work From Home” culture.

Associated with more than 2000 regional artists from various states of India for a long time, Authindia is keen to develop a bond of love, togetherness and creativity between Corporates and Artists which in turn will also take coveted soft power (culture) of India to far off lands.

“It’s our endeavour to go back to our roots and discover our rich and diverse art culture."

The Upsides of attending

There can't be any better means to learn a thing or two about the positive impact of Perseverance, Patience and Practicality as these virtues work in tandem when you create something.

Participants are very likely to feel a sense of accomplishment in terms of learning something of cultural importance which give them a reason to strike a discussion on workmanship.

Digital era has certainly brought about a wonderful chance to connect with regional artists in person and know their culture closely through art and crafts.

Besides there will be a great step in giving the Indian art a leg up as the creative industry recovers from post covid recovery.

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