Every Brick Wants To Be Something – Mumbai artist traces 3,600 feet mural inspired by Tetris game (brick game) over Meta’s Gurugram office walls 

Drawing inspiration from the concept of the Tetris game (brick game) which requires players to align geometrical shapes in a limited time, artist Pratap Morey  has tried to explore the evolution of cities in urban spaces.

According to him, the buildings in cities appear aesthetically symmetrical from a distance  but the overall symmetry is lost while close at hand. 

Morey’s expertise lies in combination of digital photographic images, aluminum panels, archival prints, architectural drawings, and engravings with hand drawn illustrations including  tracing the abstraction of displaced placement within the city.

The platitude inside urban interior spaces sometimes contain some kind of negation within. “For instance, people may convert their living rooms into bedrooms or use their courtyards or balconies as storage rooms. By incorporating these nuances into my work, I aimed to represent the various aspects of city life,” described Morey.

One can’t  miss the artwork at the Meta’s new office, displayed on social media that spans all six floors of the building and covers approximately 3,600 square feet. The sight is visible from almost all the conference rooms in the building. Morey has “intentionally left out any human figures and instead focused on mundane objects such as clothes drying or slippers.

His intention was to show the existence of the human element in the high rise buildings. Another significant feature of his work is illustration of metal window grills inspired from windows in the scrap market near his studio. These grills represent a sense of security and aesthetics from a particular era, which is no longer prevalent in new high-rises that use toughened glasses and automated barricaded gates, as per Moey.

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