Folk Painting Course

Learn Madhubani, Warli and Pichwai painting.

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Learn 3 Indian folk paintings

9 Sessions

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7 Hours

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Know the Artists

Kavita Das

Kavita Das

Learn Madhubani Painting with Kavita Das, a NIFT New Delhi graduate, visual merchandiser by profession & a Madhubani Artist. She is from Mithila & learned Madhubani artform from her ancestors.

Shriya Sinha

Learn the elements of Warli Art step-by-step with Shriya Sinha and draw a Warli village theme artwork by yourself. She is an interior designer and has been practicing and teaching Warli art for almost 7 years now.

Debopriya Pichwai Art

Debopriya Dey Biswas

After completing her graduation in Textile Designing from NIFD and then working with a renowned Fashion house for 5 years, Debopriya has been teaching & earned a tremendous appreciation for Pichwai Painting.

What will you learn in this course?

Styles of Madhubani Paintings: Different styles of Madhubani paintings. Know the differences between different types of Madhubani art from Kavita Das.

Signs & Patterns: Learn the signs and patterns of Madhubani Painting and use them to make different motifs. Kavita Das will take you through the process of making these signs & motifs and use them in your Madhubani Painting.

Final Sun Composition: In this session, you will learn the different styles of sun theme Madhubani paintings. How to make the face of the sun using different strokes of Madhubani art. Learn how to use different forms of Madhubani like Kachni and Bharni to complete your composition.

Introduction: Warli art introduction and history by Shriya Sinha.

How to make human figures:

Learn how to make human figures in Warli Art.

What are the mistakes one should avoid while making human figures in warli painting?

Differentiate between men and women, boy and a girl human figure in Warli.


Tarpa Dance: Learn how to make a tarpa dance motif in warli painting along with the musical instrument.

Final Composition: Learn the final composition of warli painting and complete the painting using different motifs of warli art. You will learn about different kinds of huts, people working in the field, animals & birds, and also learn about the fillers in warli painting.

Learn the basics of Pichwai painting and how to make Pichwai on different surfaces. Basics of sketching the cow pichwai painting.

Learn the advance techniques of filling colors in the traditional Pichwai style and complete the cow pichwai painting.

Materials required:

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