Gaza born artist paints half baked endearments of Palestinian women

artworks of Malak Mattar

The artworks of Malak Mattar portraying various moods of palestinian women have become an insignia of Palestinian culture in the uproar of warfares.

In a rather poignant way to communicate about the country and its people through her expressionistic paintings of Palestinian women, artist from Gaza asserts the solace and hope in the colours amidst the din of radical environment.

It was the time when she was taking refuge from heavy shelling, holed up in bunkers, Mattar’s turned to water colours to express the fright with all the empathy and goodwill in the world, can even imagine. But now she paints whether there is war or not to document the feeling that everything she does will live longer than her life.

Talking about the questions of dream, She pulls back a little and says, “Survival is the most important thing. It will take a while to have dreams.”

Inspired to make more art in the future, she wants to replicate the experience into her artwork because that is what gives the sense of being alive in this time.

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