Get most out of South Korean theme Park trip- Indian Gallery inaugurated at Gaya Theme Park in Gimhae  

The Gallery showcases artifacts generously donated by Padma Shri Dr. Kim Yang-shik which have been curated in 3 galleries – Indian gallery.

Gimhae Gaya Theme Park was opened in South Korea on May 2015 where one can relish  the cultures and life of old Kaya Kingdom. Besides this visitors can can see a historic play there along with many adventure activities. 

With the opening of extreme facilities, Gimhae Gaya Theme Park has emerged as a complex cultural tourist destination with a variety of themes and experience elements that can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

The permanent exhibition will allow visitors to appreciate India’s rich cultural heritage. Indian counterpart deeply appreciated the Gimhae City Government for curating and hosting this permanent exhibition. The prime focus of exhibition is to “democratise” culture and make art “accessible”.

Theme parks may derive their appeal from fantastic visions seemingly detached from any real sense of time or place, but this one is quite different as it gives the chance to visitors to immerse in a culture more intimately as thr true immersion should mean more than just access to the latest tech. 

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