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In a surprising but enchanting initiative  Bhagwanji Bhai has constructed a bird house using clay pots with such a design that can withstand the vagaries of nature in all seasons. 

The idea dawned on him when Bhagwanji Bhai was sitting at his farm one fine morning in Navi Saankli village in Jetpur taluka.  

He began by creating an attractive design for the birdhouse and was ready to spend a sum of almost Rs 20 lakh all by himself.

Later, he started building the birdhouse for which he made 2,500 unbreakable pots on his plot of land which was given to him by the Panchayat.

He first built a galvanized boundary to keep the round pots from bore pipes in which steel bolts were used to make pots and special electric wires were made for absorbing lightning during monsoon to protect the birds.

Bhagwanji Bhai, his sons and his friends from the village have arranged the pots according to the huge pot design. It took almost one year of their menial work, before a wonderful birdhouse took shape.

Understanding the difference between this environment and bird’s habitat can certainly help producers design solutions that maximize the welfare of their birds – and reduce problems that are common in the industry.

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