How green is your wedding?

As pandemic has marked the vanity of big fat weddings in India, people are awakened to the benefits and intimacy of smaller ceremonies, wedding planners are also exploring the reusable decor and crockery made by local artisans to keep it low key yet relishing.

COVID might have robbed us all of the trend of splurging on grand marriage celebrations but it has also shifted the attention of many of us towards seeking joy in simple, sophisticated and eco friendly ceremonies.

As people are coming to terms with the fact that their big day might greatly increase the carbon footprint to the planet, wedding experts are keen on devising eco-friendly ways to go about a sustainable wedding in the era of e-vites and reusable decor and working with local artisans to make the most of their skills and supporting them indirectly.

Sustainable wedding designer brands like Devika Narain & Company is coming up the concept of mindful weddings — a beautiful and cultivated cutting all the extravaganzas associated with Indian weddings.The couples are also favourably disposed towards the concept as they feel the gratification in playing their part in curbing one of the dreadful issues the universe is faced by cutting carbon footprints and  toxic waste generated.

Even by employing seemingly casual practices in wedding arrangements such as going paperless for wedding invites, consider seed papers — basil seed, banana paper, marigold seed paper — that can be planted later can bring perceptible changes towards improving the eco-friendliness quotient of weddings. Though there are  some limitations with these materials considering the  design elements, it’s a great alternative to the planet’s health.

Using eco-friendly crockery and cutlery and ethical gifts are contention free, these initiatives can help  avoid use of  plastic.
Offering up a higher purpose to weddings other than the continuing accumulation of consumer goods seems like a good trade-off without  putting a damper on proceedings by lingering on the fiscal and ecological fallout.
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