Indian Art & Crafts – The Heart of Indian Culture

The Indian art and craft have diversified reaches then what we get to see. The artists are majorly talented and its proved through their kind of work. Not only do they make products with their own hands but they all implement a bit of culture, history, and tradition in whatever they do. 

If we go back to centuries, the Traditional Artisans have been successful in keeping up with the rich culture and traditions of our country which is being carried out even in today’s time. The arts and crafts are mainly popular in the rural communities as they are the ones who are experts in such products but today people from the urban areas and even outside of our country are also taking an interest in these crafts and showing interest to buy them as well.


Basically, the traditional Handicrafts of India include metal crafts which primarily consist of zinc, silver, copper, brass, gold, etc. Some of these traditional handicrafts available across the nations include dhokra art, bidriware, kamrupi, pembarthi metal craft, and others. 

Dhokra– It is created using a lost wax casting technique and it is also a non-ferrous metal. This type of craft is almost 400 years old and it still continues to take the lead.

Bidriware– It originates from the bidar town where this art is famous amongst the locals. It is symbolized as a sign of wealth and exported in large quantities. Mostly the metal used for this craft is blackened zinc and copper alloy with pure silver sheets.

Kamrupi– Bell metal and brass are the main product of kamrupi crafts. Brass is a significant component of the cottage industry and thus it is believed to be one of the most important crafts that India has. You can get a dish, bowl, water pot, and many other such items made of brass. 

Pembarthi metal craft– This type of craft is made and found in the state of Telangana in the Warangal district. Sheet metal art is a component of this craft and this was mainly found during the kakatiyas empire. 

Where does Tribal Art and craft of India stand today?

We cannot deny the fact that Indian crafts have long ruled the reign and it is standing tall till today. Some contemporary designers like Ritu Virani and Ritu Kumar have made these traditional crafts even more interesting. 

The states of Bihar, Assam, Rajasthan, Gujarat, South India, and a few other places have evolved to become the best of providing such crafts and the artists from these tastes have shown their talent immensely in the fields of art and craft. 

India’s rich and cultural heritage has made the traditions flourish more throughout the world and it would continue to do so in the years to come. Be it Kashmiri woolen carpets or the zari embroideries, India today has immense talent and works of handicrafts. 

These crafts carry the essence and appeal of the Indian culture, dignity, and beauty through the works and products. The artist must surely be appreciated for their work and contribution to Indian heritage.

The types of handicrafts that you would get today

Home decor items, Regional paintings, jewelry, servewares, wall arts, and other such stuff are most famous as the Indian handicrafts items. You can easily get them on the online stores these days and you can also buy them at lower prices as well. Get one for your home and loved ones today!  

Handmade products have long been famous in India for its traditional and cultural essence and that’s why people across the world are showing interest in it these days. Due to better communication and availability of online platforms, this earth and crafts can reach wider and vast outside these days but previously the sales were limited to only the weekly haats and regional stores. 

Now these cards have become popular across the world and people are loving these items more than the regular prices of home decor or other stuff. If you also love these types of handicraft items then you must buy them without much hindrance as they make for good items that contain no machinery inputs or artificial inclusions.

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