Indian Railways procured Khadi merchandise worth Rs 48.90 crore during lockdown to keep artisans afloat

As lockdown pushed khadi artisans  to a cliff edge last year, Railway jumped in to boost their circumstances by way of generating the purchasing order worth Rs 48.90 crore which helped create a substantial income during uncertain times for almost 82 Khadi Institutions across the country engaged in the production of a diverse range of material such as sheeting cloth, towels, bed sheet, flag banner, sponge clothes, Dosuti Cotton Khadi, bunting clothes and others.
In the months of May and June when the economy was in throes of lockdown, Indian Railways purchased goods worth Rs 19.80 crore from Khadi. Similarly, railways procured Khadi goods worth Rs 7.42 crore in July and August while it sourced Khadi products worth Rs 13.01 crore in the months of October and November.
Extending the note of thanks to Indian Railways, KVIC Chairman Shri Vinai Kumar Saxena said, “During the pandemic, KVIC faced the biggest challenge of sustaining employment and livelihood of the artisans. While KVIC engaged its artisans in making Khadi masks during the pandemic; it simultaneously received bulk orders from the railways too that kept Khadi’s spinning wheel on the move. This meant additional employment and income for the artisans which helped them overcome the financial distress and support the country’s economy,”
Besides procurement of merchandise, Railways is also taking measures  to boost the potters trained by KVIC under Kumhar Sashakti karan Yoja and make statations “plastic free” by designating 400 railway stations where only earthenware is used for selling food and beverages to passengers.
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