Industrial Warehouse turned art space, Alserkal Avenue is Dubai’s most infleuntial creative enclaves

This relatively low key district in Dubai is a paradise for artists worldwide. Established in 2008, Alserkal Avenue was a 5,00,000 square foot industrial warehouse district that has been transformed into a creative art hub with over 70 contemporary art galleries, designers, performing arts, organisations & entrepreneur-led businesses.

It was in 2007, an Emirati businessman Abdelmonem Bin Eisa Alserkal repurposed a former marble factory. Alserkal is known for its state-of-the-art artistic productions and unique approach and provides inspiration with its culturally rich innovative spaces having art galleries, cafés, musicians and creative spaces

The first international contemporary art gallery set up  in Alserkal Avenue was Leila Heller Gallery. Contemporary artists from the Middle East and Asia showcase their work here. The 14,000-square-foot space is the most extensive gallery in the UAE.

Offering two floors of exhibition space, Alserkal Avenue has in past also provided a drafty venue for Ishara Art Foundation established by Smita Prabhakar, to showcase contemporary art and present a dynamic programme that will build on the shared histories, continued presence and cultural contribution of South Asian voices in the Gulf.

Ishara was the first independent institution dedicated to expanding knowledge and understanding of contemporary South Asian art and artists in West Asia.

Apart from art, there are many architectural spaces in Alserkal which leave  the visitor perpetually amazed. KAVE: The story of Things, an upcycling café, aims to create awareness about protecting the environment by using zero-plastic. They also conduct many workshops that are open for enrolments.

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