Inscape: A Lucid Dream – Wallpapers by Casa Pop reimagine the wilds of Indian culture

Using Indian miniature painting as a tempting ornament for interior styling has recently been a focus for a number of designers, Raseel Ansal, Creative Director of Casa Pop manifests her own experiences to create the wallpaper art series Inscape: A Lucid Dream.

This collection reimagines historical elements to reflect the diverse cultural influences shaping modern India. Inscape is intricate, imaginative, and dreamlike, born from the solitude experienced during the pandemic.

Fusing Central Asian, Persian, and Indian motifs on  textured paper, the wallpapers depict the  enchanting  landscapes and different genties of India.

In the backdrop, there is a  tranquil internal scenery mirroring the stillness brought about by the time of the pandemic. Inscape also represents a reclaiming of cultural symbols that have been used to stereotype the Indian identity.

As per Raseel, Delhi is an important city historically and it carries the impression of all those who travelled here which invariably became a part of the Indian landscape. “Hence I am a product of this landscape and this landscape is a product of my influences”, she states.

She patronised many studios in Rajasthan to develop the unique handmade design for her new series wallpaper, these designs were then digitally integrated on the wallpapers.

A non-woven backdrop has been chosen as the base for the designs, which includes a material that looks like scratched metal with a soft, diffused glow. There is also a gently rounded, natural substance with a delicate, linen-like texture. The Inscape collection primarily features three materials – gauze (feather), lustre (silver metallic), and shantung (silk ribbed) – to bring the designs to life.

Raseel founded Casa Paradox in 1991 as a design and furniture studio with her husband Navin Ansal, blending artistry with functional home objects. By and By,  Casa Paradox evolved to offer architectural services, giving rise to ‘RGA Design’, a bespoke project-oriented firm.

Today, Casa Pop has morphed into an architectural and design firm embodyingIndian identity through the fusion of art and design.

Images by Casa Pop

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