Jodhpur RIFF 2023- 16th edition of world’s most beguiling folk festival starts on Oct 26

With a rapturous and thrilling mix of music forms like folk to indie and classical, played by Langa and Manganiyar musicians in and around the majestic Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur RIFF compiles a modern enshrinement of Rajasthan’s folk culture.

The 16th edition of the Festival coincides with Sharad Purnima, the brightest full moon of the year in north India. The fest will present a series of spectacular concerts and events based in and around Mehrangarh Fort, under the aegis of the Mehrangarh Museum Trust. A not-for-profit festival, Jodhpur RIFF aspires to positively impact the livelihood of the traditional performers of Rajasthan.

Offering a resounding symphony, it will take place within the grand medieval Mehrangarh Fort, adding to the enchanting atmosphere and providing a historical setting for the attendees.

Led by HH Maharaja Gaj Singh II of Marwar-Jodhpur, Chief Patron of the festival, Jodhpur RIFF aims to recognize and celebrate the incredible talent and heritage of folk artists along with international artists with Sir Mick Jagger as global patron.

This year’s edition promises to shine a distinct spotlight on Rajasthan’s percussion instruments, including the dholak, bhapang, and the unique khartal. Audiences will have the opportunity to discover these lesser-known treasures from the world of Indian roots music through star-studded performances and insightful interactive sessions.

Jodhpur RIFF will continue its tradition of the ‘Bal Mela,’ a dedicated program for school children. The Bal Mela offers interactive performances from various Rajasthani folk troupes, showcasing traditions such as ghoomer, kathputli, kachchi ghodi, teraah taali, and even Rajasthan’s very own circus. This unique program allows children to witness their peers presenting ancestral music, fostering a deeper appreciation for the region’s cultural heritage.

Jodhpur RIFF 2023 will also witness fascinating musical collaborations, both international and Indian. These collaborations aim to create a platform where roots artists are recognized on par with artists from all traditions.

By combining classical and folk traditions of India, the festival seeks to showcase the equal stature and regard of these diverse musical forms. This includes showcasing unique cross-genre collaborations such as Rajasthani folk artists collaborating with contemporary jazz musicians and percussionists.

Over the past 16 years, the festival has played a vital role in the revival of Indian roots music, supporting traditional forms and providing a platform for both Indian and international artists.

This year’s edition of Jodhpur RIFF will feature scintillating music from countries such as France, Australia, Cabo Verde, Italy, and Estonia, alongside diverse Indian regions.

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