Kanchan Chander, Artist

When it comes to commemorating India’s distinguished contemporary artists who have earned a firm reputation among cosmopolitans globally, Kanchan Chander is the name to reckon with, born in Delhi and she received her training in painting and printmaking. Her oeuvre graces the shelves of top galleries and museums across the globe and depicts the raw vulnerability of the female psyche in patriarchal society. But in this conversation we try to ask her opinions on the scopes traditional arts.

When you look back in your green days, how do you perceive the choice of art as a profession especially in a country like India with a large population of proletariat and bourgeoisie class?

I always wanted to be an artist from the school days. My father being a diplomat, I had the opportunity of travelling to various countries and being exposed to their culture. So my interest in Arts grew stronger.

According to you, what is the current state of traditional art and craft in India, given the fact that you also draw inspiration for your contemporary work from classical sculptures and figurines?

Whenever there is a recession in the world its the Art that suffers first. Young artists and Craftsmen lose their source of income and it becomes difficult for them to survive. A substantial part of My art is inspired from the sculptures of Indian temples.

At what phase of your life you made the decision of building art as a career?

As mentioned earlier, I was always interested in painting since my childhood and pursued it in the same direction with all my might and conviction.

As a universal fact, we all have to earn our keep, looking at Indian diaspora and their dispositions, do you think that enough patronage is available to contemporary art in India?

Wish there could be more supporters for contemporary art. There is a handful of Indian audiences for that. Proper Art Education should start at early school level.

As a seasoned artist, what are your words of wisdom for aspiring artists of India who intend to strike a career out of their muse?

Be true to yourself and follow your heart. There is no shortcut, its a long journey. It’s your hard work, dedication and sincerity that will lead you to your goal.

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