Kashmir’s ‘Craft Safaris’ present students as guides- Connecting tourists with craftsman

Inviting faculty from universities and students, Jammu and Kashmir government organizes craft workshop tours which seem like an ingenious way to learn, experience, and immerse in the local culture.

As per the Director of Handloom and Handicrafts, Kashmir, Mehmood Ahmad Shah, in order to build an ecosystem for encouraging artwork, they have invited the media, faculty from universities, and students here. Faculty who teach tourism as a subject were also there. The aim is to connect the tourists to craftsmen through the students as guides so that both can get the hang of traditional skills and history behind the exquisite crafts.

Another significant reason for doing this is also to encourage business firms and other organizations to do the same. Many students have created wonderful crafts. Some are designers and some have portals. A craft only dies when there is stagnation in it. The inflow of ideas and talent is vital for its sustenance.

According to artisan Javed Ahmad said, “Craft of any region is its identity. Sakta Kashmiri is one such unique form of art created here. Papier-mache is another such form of art created here. People do not know much about this craft. We are happy to welcome students here.”

Students were enthralled to attend such an enriching event, besides generating employment, these art forms have the potential to become the USP (Unique Selling Point) of the valley. Jammu and Kashmir government has claimed to have been promoting tourism in the state through various innovative efforts.

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