Khadi India brings law against impersonators to safeguard the interests of artisans, serves legal notices to brands using its name.

As Khadi India starts ramping up its production with a vision to add a flurry of products by October 2, it is tightening the noose around the impostors using its name across e-commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart and snapdeal.

E-commerce platforms have pulled down more than hundred vendors selling by the name of ‘Khadi India’ after The Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) served legal notice to almost a thousand such brands. KVIC alleged that impostors are causing damage to its reputation and affecting the livelihood of Khadi artisans adversely. Notices don’t spare even the renowned brands like Fabindia against whom KVIC has sought damages amounting Rs 500 crore.

Amidst lockdown, there has been a rampant mushrooming of counterfeit khadi products like kurta, jacket, shirt and pajama etc.According to KVIC Chairman Vinai Kumar Saxena violators are given the option to either stop selling products in the name of Khadi or face legal action for recovery of heavy damages as this trademark violation has a direct bearing on the subsistence of our artisans who are making genuine handcrafted products.

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