Kulhad tea is back on track, Railways to serve hot and earthy

In a bid to boost the income of potters Indian railways has decided to resume tea serving in earthen cups “Kulhad” as it used to serve in past. 
“Kulhads will not only help reduce the use of toxic plastic and save the environment, they will give employment and income to hundreds of thousands of potters,” said Piyush Goyal, Minister of Railways.
Pandemic has compelled the economies to shift towards exploring sustainable means of livelihoods. Kulhads have an extra advantage in that they are inherently hygienic, as they are fired in a kiln and rarely reused.
The initiative  could generate income for 2 million potters, the move was taken in the past under the authority of Lalau Prasad, the then Minister of Railways.  Now, to reintroduce kulhads on the railway stations,  railways must abandon standardisation of shape and size of cups seeing the feasibility of potters.
The Khadi and Village Industries Commission has already started providing 20,000 electric potting wheels and equipment to more than 100,000 potters.

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