Lokame Tharavadu: Using Kerala’s heritage building to showcase art & design installations

Lokame Tharavadu Kerala

Giving refuge to people associated with the creative industry marred by the pandemic, one of Kerala’s monumental art exhibitions organised by Kochi Biennale Foundation welcomes the artists from every part of India to unleash their creativity in the sheds of abandoned heritage buildings.

Inspired from the  ideas drawn from the verses of a Malayalam poem written by Vallathol Narayana Menon, which appeals to the universal spirit of humanity, especially in the pandemic.The  exhibition entitled Lokame Tharavadu, the world is one family, organised by the Bose Krishnaumachari invokes the power of art to revive and resurrect the blighted human spirit.

Resonating with the idea to enrich the public discourse on contemporary art and to and to create a platform for sundance to experience it, the  five venues in Alappuzha such as  the refurbished factory warehouses and sheds and one restored Port office house the work of arts complementing the  exhibition. The event falls in line with  the state government’ s programme called the Alappuzha Heritage Project to highlight the inheritance of this once flourishing commercial city. The exhibition too has seamlessly merged with the idea.

So on the walls of the Port Office, you will find an artwork showing crowded snake boats (by themselves a symbol of Kerala) or an artwork exploring the region’s history of coir ropes (which was known as the golden fibre in the 18th and 19th centuries).

The intrigues of the gallery  reflect  the artists’ imaginations on the plight of the class of people during  the raging pandemic such as the hardships of jobless coir factory workers, teachers and  the migrants’, artworks offer an altered sense of reality as visitors move past, an artist seeking succour in colourful landscapes to keep the pandemic blues at bay.

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