Madhubani Paintings

Madhubani Paintings

It’s no finding that an artwork and paintings reflect the tradition and culture of the place where they arise. The artwork was created, they’ve a tendency to please it’s admirers. Does an art form become a reflection of problems and contemporary times?

A driveway to village or the Madhubani district in Bihar on Highway 52 will tell you how it is still very much flourishing. Women created Madhubani paintings on floors and walls of houses during special events or festivals. Having originated in Bihar from the Mithila region, this kind of painting has been in practice in areas across Nepal and Bihar. When a ground quake hit Bihar, Bhitti Chitra or mithila painting was discovered in 1934. Normally bright colors are used with an outline made as its framework from rice paste. There are no empty spaces in these paintings. Figures such as fishes, peacock and human figures with bulging eyes and noses are characteristics of Madhubani Paintings. Elements are usually included by the topics of these paintings such as fish, parrot, elephant, turtle, sun, walnut, pine lotus and tree.

Karpuri Devi, sister-in law of famous artist Mahasundari Devi, Dulari, and Mahalaxmi are girls from 3 generations of the village who’ve made great attempts to help keep the art form alive by instructing other women in the village and instructing them how to create Mithila painting a means of life and choose the heritage forward.

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