Marble Inlay Work

Ever wondered why the Taj Mahal looks so beautiful? It’s because of the Inlay Work on the marbles you find on it. Inlay is an art practiced by few skilled artisans of Rajasthan. It’s a delicate process of cutting the marble and engraving it with colored marble and other materials. Today Marble Inlay work is done on many items which you use on daily basis. Marble inlay was famous during the era of the Mughals but reached it’s peak after the construction of Taj Mahal. Marble Inlay Work Marble Inlay Coffee Table Tops also called Inlay work or Pacchikari or Pietre dura and are inlaid with beautiful flower, Italian, geometric inlay designs with semi precious stones such as lapis lazuli, malachite, turquoise, coral, cornelian, shell, mother of pearl, Jasper and Italian stone etc. The Parchin kari art is also a form of marble inlay which involves minute and precise work, this art is in very high demand and is sold at a very high price. Marble Inlay Work Inlay work is done mainly on Indian white marble, black marble, Indian green marble, Indian Dark Kudapaa Stone etc. These inlaid marble on  table tops have different shapes like Round Table top, Octagonal Table Tops, Rectangle Dining table tops, Square Table tops, Chess Table tops, Taj Mahal Table tops, Custom Designs Table tops also make plain and inlay marble Table top Base and Stand. Marble Inlay Work Today inlay marbles are mainly used as Center tables, Garden table, corner and side tables or another use in accordance with the indoor and outdoor decor. They may be placed outdoors in the garden, as marble withstand temperatures, offers resistance and is very durable. Marble Inlay Table Tops which are made of best quality Italian and Indian rock are in great demand world wide due to it’s unique designs, history and durability. Marble Inlay Work

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