Opening this weekend Eros 2.0 rewrites the legacy of Mumbai’s Art Deco theatres

Nonfunctional since 2016, the iconic Eros Cinema theatre has long been braving the vagaries of time. Once built by a well-traveled Parsi cosmopolitan Shiavax Cambatta, the heritage cinema hall has been renovated and ushered to its past glory by architect Hafeez Contractor’s team led by Nishant Gupta.

This weekend, the opening of grand threaste Eros 2.0 will debunk all the rumours of it being replaced by another glass skyscraper. The captivating facade of Eros Theatre was built in two sections converging in a central block  using red Agra sandstone.

Opened 86 years ago, the cinema opposite Churchgate station is a quintessential Mumbai icon and one that has been a beloved favourite of people living nearby.

Designed by Architect Sohrabji Bhedwar then, the entrance hall featured a combination of white and black marble accentuated with gold. Staircases made of marble with chromium handrails lead to the upper level. The murals, depicting Indian architecture, were painted in subtle hues. The auditorium was embellished with cloud patterns on the walls, while the lower half was carved in black marble.

A large relief sculpture at the Proscenium was flanked by a pair of large columns with gold stripes. Original design also included organ chambers.

Led by Nishant Gupta the project was undertaken by architect Hafeez Contractor’s team. “There was a story that unfolded at the turn of every corner or through the corridors within all the design details. Eros has stood as a majestic marvel for years, and we had to be guardians of the place first before thinking about redesigning it”, asserts Gupta.

Each floor required extensive renovation to strengthen its structural integrity, update facilities for modern needs and safety standards, and meticulously restore all historical features. The restoration initiative commenced with the bas-relief murals adorning the cinema’s walls.

All new designs, alterations, or preservation efforts underwent thorough review by the heritage board, ensuring a collaborative approach to conservation. Now, instead of one large 1,300-seater theatre, the restored space houses shops and eateries in the lobby and the first floor, and a 300-seater IMAX cinema above. Eros 2.0 is all set to make its grand opening on the 9th of this month.

Inside, there was air-conditioning, 1,300 plush seats awaiting eager patrons, and intricate friezes adorning the walls, whispering tales of bygone eras.

“The façade has been restored to its magnificent self, maintaining its authenticity, and that too in the original colours. The interiors have been worked on to maintain the original style but with a modern contemporary upgrade that brings the cinema back as version 2.0.”

The guests could relish the tasty viands served in the precint with  dulcet tones of an English band wafting all across.

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