Paint it Red: Walls in Blue city painted with traditional murals

Artists in the Blue City of Jodhpur have recently painted the street walls with visually arresting traditional murals which ooze the charm of Rajasthan’s inimitable heritage.

In pursuance of the new initiative to spur the tourism activities by showcasing the uniqueness of the Rajasthani culture in the ‘Blue City’ of India, local artists have made several wall paintings to highlight the rich cultural and historical heritage of Rajasthan. Artworks encompass two sorts of paintings done on the walls, one that depicts traditional Rajasthani customs and the other that adds a sense of creativity for the youth.

Local inhabitant of Jodhpur are thrilled to see their city walls are receiving the touch up of traditional arts and they have been inviting others to marvel at the majesty of the beautiful wall murals.

Murals are paintings done mainly on walls. It provides a kind of important documentation of life from ancient times to the present. People have witnessed several murals all around the world that depicts invaluable knowledge of history. Murals retain huge significance for human civilization, as they illustrated life activities and commonly cultural faiths which were created during that time.

People have long been locked down and staring just at the four walls of their homes, now is the time to go out and stroll in the streets and marvel at the enchanting walls of theses narrow lanes.

Pic credit: ANI

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