‘Peacock Country’- Designer Sanjay Garg’s boutique store Raw Mango introduces  appealing festive collection inspired from Awadh Architecture

The enchanting new flagship boutique of Raw Mango located in the serene environs of Chennai’s Cenotaph Road fuses Ganga Jamuni Tehzeeb with the usage of fascinating golden and silver silver zari work clothing having bold and big motifs.

The latest edit from the House of Raw Mango celebrates the tehzeeb of gold and silver (Ganga-Jamuna), aari, zardosi and gota.

They have used deep tones, hues while the classic jewelled colours of mixed silver and gold, forest green and saturated reds and indigo rival that of any dancing peacock.

The colours too are a captivating experiment from Raw Mango’s signature pop hues. As per designer, there is a significant amount of research, craft and skills behind the pieces: Raw Mango is popular for its ability to draw inspiration from a palette of Indian colours, then collaborate with karigars across Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal and Varanasi, to create easy-to-wear, contemporary pieces.

The collection strikes an intriguing balance between the couture and aesthetics of an Awadhi court. From the engineered brocade kurta to clean, unfussy saris and lehengas, all are hand crafted painstakingly with glittering motifs.Peacock Country line is an outcome of specific skill set in luxury craft.

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