Penguin’s New Nest : Crafted for boundless Creativity

Experience a journey through SJK Architects’ commercial marvel at Penguin’s Gurugram office. Where literature and innovation converge, behold a space meticulously crafted for boundless creativity by Shimul Javeri Kadri and her visionary team.

In Gurugram, New Delhi, Penguin Random House’s 6,850 sq ft workspace blends preservation and innovation. Roshni’s design ethos harmonizes functionality with industrial charm, creating a versatile hub for collaboration. 

From cozy nooks to bustling workstations, the space caters to diverse needs, inviting exploration and creativity. Beyond its exterior, lies a realm of thoughtful design—a testament to the power of adaptation and imagination.

In the dynamic microcosm of Penguin Random House’s workspace, SJK Architects have carefully curated a fusion of library, lounge, and office spaces. Thematic artwork, including framed book jackets, pays homage to the client’s literary legacy, while pops of vibrant color amidst neutral tones create a visually captivating environment.

Embracing an Earth-first design philosophy deeply rooted in cultural narratives, SJK Architects prioritizes conscious craftsmanship in this workspace. Ample natural light fills the office interiors, highlighting the strategic arrangement of zones and meeting rooms. This intentional design promotes productivity and enhances employee well-being, all while minimizing energy usage.

At the entrance, the central cluster boldly showcases the brand with a custom cement screen spelling out ‘Penguin Random House’ and adorned with penguin silhouettes. The eastern cluster creates a cozy ambiance, inspiring creativity with comfortable seating arrangements and unique furnishings. The western cluster offers leisure amenities like a coffee bar and space for team discussions.

In crafting a cohesive workspace tailored for storytelling enthusiasts, SJK Architects faced a formidable challenge. However, through meticulous design detailing and thoughtful space planning, they successfully reconciled the seemingly contradictory demands of a corporate yet welcoming environment. Undoubtedly, this achievement is bound to leave a lasting impression!

Images by Niveditaa Gupta

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