‘Perishious’ – Miniature artist on a mission to raise funds for protection of endangered species

Master artist from Jaipur, Suvigya Sharma – known for his hyper realistic miniature paintings has created 11 unique art pieces attributed to wildlife such as the polar bear and the tiger — that run the risk  of extinction.

Determined to use art as a medium to promote wildlife conservation, the artist has taken up the task of creating one miniature artwork at a time under project ‘Perishious’.

Apart from being an animal lover he also wanted to tap in on the potential of art, he firmly believes that art has power to make inroads to the places where other mediums can’t. His  range of artworks includes tiny to life-sized portraits using 24-carat gold.

Project ‘Perishious’ is dedicated to perishing animals with the aim to generate funds for their preservation. A collection of 11 stunning art pieces depicting wildlife creatures, like the polar bear and the tiger — that are on the brink of extinction — have been made in palatial 3D backgrounds. These will be auctioned and the proceeds will be used for conservation of such species, according to Suvigya.

Besides working with museums like and institutes in India and abroad such as City Palace of Jaipur, Singapore Art Museum, and more to help restore centuries-old works, the artist has created commissioned works for many well-known personalities, and has also created portraits of celebrities like Justin Bieber, Kangana Ranaut, Sachin Tendulkar, Rani Mukherjee, among others.

He calls the philosophy of art as Saundaryashastr (aesthetics and precision which evolved with an emphasis on inducing special spiritual or philosophical states in the connoisseurs or representing them symbolically). It deals with most of the general principles of aesthetic comprehension of the world through any human activity.

Although it takes immense patience and time (one  month to three months) to paint an artwork with a sense of hyperreal detail and intricacy, the result  is immensely satisfying when work is done wholeheartedly.

He draws inspiration from nature and everything around — the geometry, beautiful blue sky, the statics of nature, and the beautiful colours of life.

Over a few years he has started to dabble in the NFT space. The recent collection ‘Perishious’ also offers him an opportunity to deep dive into space more. It’s a revolutionary NFT project, to build an inclusive investment club where each NFT holder would be an active shareholder of a licensed company. The artworks in the collection designed by digital artists competing in a challenge are based on owls and part of it will be auctioned at a pre-sale auction event.

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