PM beckons for handmade toys at India Toy Fair 2021 inauguration

Lauding the practice of recycling and the use of natural materials in toy making, he marked the increase in the demand for handmade toys stemming from the traditional connection associated with it.

As India Toy Fair 2021 kicked off from Feb 27 with the vision to make India a toy manufacturing hub complementing the campaign of ‘vocal for local’, more than 1000 exhibitors from across 30 states and Union territories have  displayed their products in the e-commerce enabled virtual exhibition so far.

During his inaugural address, Prime Minister called for the use of eco-friendly material in toy making   and exhorted the manufacturer to minimise the use of plastic while urging them to make eco-friendly toys that are better for psychology and ecology.

“The practices of recycling and reuse have been a part of the Indian lifestyle, it is also seen in our toys. Most Indian toys are made from natural and eco-friendly items, the colours used in them are also natural and safe,” he asserted.

Stressing the need to promote handmade toys he pointed that the increase in demand for handmade is suggestive of the connect people want to experience associated with the toy. Today people do not only buy toys as a product but also want to connect with the experience associated with that toy.

With the conception of National Toy Action Plan, which includes 15 ministries and departments India aims to make the industry competitive and self-reliant and subsequently reach out into the global market.Toy industry has already been ranked in 24 major sectors by the government. 

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