PM inaugurates world’s largest meditation centre made of Makarana Marble in Varanasi

The magnificent fusion of modern architecture, Indian craft and profound spirituality – Swarved Mahamandir is the largest center of Vihangam Yoga where 20,000 meditation practitioners can sit at a time.

According to the Swarved-mahamandir website, if there exists an effulgent Treatise which unravels the deepest valleys of Spiritual Knowledge, it is indeed, the Swarved. Swarved texts can emphatically be considered the holder of the world’s most eloquent knowledge, containing the doctrine and practical experiences accompanying one on the Spiritual Path; an exploration of the human condition itself.

Authored by Anant Shree Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj, the Swarved is a collection of His Spiritual experiences in the state of Samadhi (conscious oneness with God) – composed at the location of Shoonya Shikhar Ashram, Himalayas, it metioned.

Here are the major facets of the temple architecture:

  • Located in the holy city of Varanasi, it accounts for 20,000 meditation practitioners at a time.
  • Spanning over 300,000 square feet, seven-floor super-structure has 12 petal lotus domes.
  • 3137 Swarved verses are engraved on Makarana Marble.
  • Intricately carved sandstone structures depict a glimpse of Indian Heritage.
  • Pink sandstone decor surrounds the Mandir’s walls.
  • The ceiling and doors with intricate carvings are made of teakwood. The temple has 101 fountains.

Under supervision and guidance of 15 engineers, 600 construction workers and artisans have given shape to the grand structure.

Inspired by the pinnacle of spirituality – the Swarved, it presents a mechanic presentation on the Life of Sadguru Sadafal Deo Ji Maharaj.It is actually a Centre of a plethora of sociocultural projects for the well-being of Rural India.

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